The mountains that surround us constitute a cathedral. Flora and fauna make up their congregation.

Mountain streams baptize with their cold, crisp, and clear water. These streams originate from pure white fields of melting snow. As they flow and join other tributaries, they become a river. Much as one, and then twelve, transformed into a multitude.

The sounds of a living forest are reminiscent of a choir. Its voice is accompanied by the symphony of wind moving through the trees. A tapestry of mountain wildflowers will display colors as brilliant as any church’s stained-glass mosaic.

Explore the wandering paths of canyons, slopes, and valleys. The world, in a distant landscape, will grow ever smaller. In a brief span of time, beliefs and convictions will be affirmed. The journey, itself, is ultimately a blessing.

When venturing in the high country, take some time to seek out solitary. Take advantage of a few minutes, hours, or days and absorb the surroundings. Enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of the environment. Let free the inhibitions that bind mind, body, and soul. Experience a religious moment like one has never done before. Be assured, the presence of the Almighty will forever be present and one should later thank him for being there…the whole time.

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