More Than Words Can Say

When we wish to describe the emotions of an experience, the words often fall empty. Some feelings go beyond the reach of narrative or prose. They are so fierce that the proper expression cannot be summoned. We often do not possess the vernacular to express exactly how we are feeling at a particular point in time.

Whether it be sleeping under the myriad of gleaming stars or being stirred from that slumber by a clap of thunder, we are quickly humbled by our realization of living so minuscule in such a huge and complex atmosphere. No wonder the concise words stubbornly elude us.

As we watch a glowing sunrise in the mountains, the sun’s golden beams arouse our perceptions. Light glimmering through prisms of morning dew reflects in spectrums that splinter off into infinite coordinates. Our sense of sound becomes more acute to the intonations of the surrounding forest coming alive. The shrill emanations from all creatures, large and small, awaken our primitive instincts. We hear a language that is perplexing and foreign. Yet, everything resonates.

While attempting to describe the many adventures we have experienced through life, we find our recollections are more meaningful without the words to describe them. The language, that first comes to mind, does not seem enough to express the utter appreciation for the reminiscence. The fondness of those experiences is intensified by those who were there in our accompaniment. We indulge in life, due to our shared experiences in the wilderness-wherever that may be.

We willingly immerse ourselves in wild places to emote a natural sense of wonder. The virtue of the experiences will forever elude any attempt a person can make to do them justice with words. Our memories, thus, become haunted by the residual silence.

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